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Welcome to Bridgestone Taiwan's official website (hereinafter referred to as "Website"). The Website is operated by Bridgestone Taiwan Co., Ltd. to render "Services" in accordance with the "Terms of Use" (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). Bridgestone Taiwan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "Bridgestone Taiwan") reserves the right to amend and update the Terms at any time. You are automatically regarded to have accepted the Terms at the very moment when you use the Website. For any question regarding the Terms, please feel free to contact Bridgestone Taiwan at any moment.
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The contents in the Website are provided on the “as is” basis. Bridgestone Taiwan hereby expressly excludes any declaration or guarantee either explicitly or implicitly, including, but not limited to the guarantee for commercialization, applicable purposes of use, guarantee of no infringement, the guarantee against a potential impairment incurred by the accuracy or reliability for the use, or trust of the Website or a website linked up with the Website. Bridgestone Taiwan does not offer any declaration or guarantee on the Website security. You shall be aware that any information transmitted to the Website might possibly be intercepted. Bridgestone Taiwan does not guarantee that the Website, the server stored inside the Website or e-mail transmitted by Bridgestone Taiwan is absolutely free of viruses, computer worms, Trojans, or other hazardous items.

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The information of the Website might contain financial conditions, outcome of business operations, predictive statements of Bridgestone Taiwan, or the affiliated enterprises hereof, as well as the plans and targets of such aspects. Toward all predictive statements, Bridgestone Taiwan does not assure that all such targets will be definitely realized in the future, because the very outcome of such factors depends upon risky, uncertain, and other factors beyond control, including, but not limited to the overall quota for all expenditures in the key business items, tax rate fluctuation, change in technology, and know-how, which might lead to a gap between the substantial outcome and the predicted figures.

Bridgestone Taiwan respects and strictly demands that all Website users shall not infringe upon another's intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to copyrights, trademark, patents or trade secrets, hereinafter collectively referred to as "Intellectual Property Rights"). Accordingly, Bridgestone Taiwan earnestly appeals to all users to equally honor others' Intellectual Property Rights. Whenever you hold that the contents of the Website or any Website users have infringed upon your Intellectual Property Rights, please provide the following data and declaration, duly signed or affixed with a seal thereupon, and mail them to No. 1-1 Wenhua Road, Hsinchu Industrial Park, Hukou Township, Hsinchu County, Attn.: Legal Section.
1. The infringed target(s) or title(s), and the webpage of the Website thereof ("URL") and such relevant information which could enable Bridgestone Taiwan to identify the contents of the involved infringement and the contents of the request to remove the infringement.
2. The name or title, contact address, phone number, e-mail or fax number of yours and the holder of Intellectual Property Rights.
3. Your declaration that the holder of the Intellectual Property Rights, based on good faith, believes that the contents used which violate their rights have been used via a manner which is unauthorized or violates the related laws.
4. Your declaration that all information and data entered into your notice are true and authentic and that you make such a declaration in your capacity as either the holder or agent of the holder.
5. A guarantee that in no event that the aforementioned declaration is misrepresented and leads to an impairment to Bridgestone Taiwan or another. Otherwise, the holder of the Intellectual Property Rights shall agree to assume the responsibility for indemnity.

Where you use or you are unable to use the Website, the contents of the Website or the link(s) thereto, Bridgestone Taiwan assumes no responsibility at all for any impairment so incurred (including, but not limited to damage, indemnity for any direct, indirect, punitive, default penalty fine, and forfeiture of any interests) even if Bridgestone Taiwan has been informed that such impairment might possibly occur. In the event that Bridgestone Taiwan becomes responsible for any damage indemnity as a result of your use of the Website, contents of the Website or the links thereto, under all circumstances, Bridgestone Taiwan's responsibility shall not exceed the total amount you have paid for use of the Website.

The Terms shall be subject to the laws prevalent in Taiwan as the governing laws without regard to or application of conflicts of law rules or principles. On all disputes incurred by and between you and Bridgestone Taiwan regarding the Terms or contents of a relevant webpage that leads to litigation will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hsinchu District Court in Taiwan.

You shall not use the Website for any unlawful purposes or any purposes not permitted by Bridgestone Taiwan. You shall not use the Website in a means that might lead to any impairment, paralysis, overload or damage to the Website. Under no circumstances shall you try to enter the Website, other account number(s), computer system(s), or other websites linked up with the Website by means of illegal encroachment, cracking of the password or any other means, nor shall you use the Website, through the functions, operating images, program interfaces which are not provided by Bridgestone Taiwan.

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