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Never before has a Bridgestone tire been quieter, more comfortable and luxurious. We welcome you aboard and experience the superior comfort available with Turanza T005.



Designed for maximum grip under braking and cornering conditions the Potenza S007A responds to your driving in wet or dry conditions. So whether you’re on the road or on the track, the Potenza S007A will give you the extra advantage you need to win.

Potenza S007A

Bridgestone Partners with the Pride of Taiwan on the Road to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Bridgestone Taiwan, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer and a Worldwide Olympic Partner, today announced its partnership with badminton athlete Mr. Wang Tzu-wei and karate athlete, Miss Wen Tzu-yun, to officially form Team Bridgestone in Taiwan. As athlete ambassadors, the two sports stars will actively participate in various initiatives organized by Bridgestone Taiwan and will represent the company on the journey to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology Tire

Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology Tire

Though they first appeared in the mid-1980s, Run-Flat Technology tyres (RFT) are now more popular than ever. With some auto manufacturers making them standard in new vehicles, more consumers are asking about run flats, their advantages, and how using them impacts driving.

clickable image of My TPMS Light Came On - What Does it Mean?

My TPMS Light Came On - What Does it Mean?

The TPMS warning light will help warn you when your tire pressure is too low and could create unsafe driving conditions. Do you know what to do next?

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clickable image of How to Check Tyre Tread Depth

How to Check Tyre Tread Depth

Heavily worn tread will prevent a tire from performing as designed and can lead to unsafe driving conditions. One of the simplest, most common ways to check tread depth requires nothing more than a tread depth gauge and a few moments of your time.

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clickable image of Tyre Tread Wear & Causes

Tyre Tread Wear & Causes

As tires are used, the tread gradually becomes shallower, impacting overall tire performance. But tires don't all wear the same; here's what you should know about what causes tire wear.

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