Retreading for more competitive pricing and better tyre durability for commercial fleet savings

Retreading, a process that gives tyres new life not only serves as an important tool for sustainability, it also delivers cost-efficiencies upfront.

How do we reduce cost per kilometre travelled? Firstly, Bridgestone’s long tyre life is down primarily to durable construction and good resistance to irregular wear. When it is time to retread, our robust casings and original tyre excellence combined with Bandag’s world-leading retread process are ideal to extend tyre life. In fact, retreaded tyres – which cost less to produce compared to new tyres – can even outlast some brand new tyres, without any loss of quality or safety.

Retreading, as a result, ensures lower price points, prolongs tyre use and delays replacement – making it a combination that is embraced by those who want to save on fleet operations.