A legacy of adrenaline-pumping action and racing pulses on the international stage

Bridgestone has a long legacy of some 60 years of being synonymous with the buzz of Motorsports, including participation at the Japan Grand Prix, INDY500, Moto GP, Super GT and F1. With our logos emblazoned on tyres screeching around courses all over the world – and podium finishes with legendary names behind the wheel – we have converted passion into glorious victories, turned dreams into realities.

Combining technical prowess and proving ground technologies – and using this opportunity as a springboard – we strive to meet the exacting quality demands of premium brands to produce tyres of extreme calibre and performance. Ultimately, we want to create euphoria on the greatest stage – as our 69-time Firestone victories in Indy500 attest to.

While the thrill of races inevitably stirs senses, we’re moving to an equally-important frontier – that of sustainability, as we look at Motorsports from a different lens. For example, we are looking to participate in more endurance-type races, like the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race. Also, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is aligned with this goal, with sustainability its core motivation.

With passion, purpose and determination, our innovative pursuit of finesse and extreme performance strives to also reach new performance highs on the environmental front, so that the joy of driving is sustained and enjoyed for generations to come.